What Is a Brand?

A brand is not just a logo; it is an emotional perception. Brands represent a company’s values — from the quality of its products to the personalities of its employers and the excellence of its customer service.


• Brands are emotional. A well- developed brand conveys the company goals, character, and values, and establishes a positive experience for new and returning viewers.


• Brands speak. Brands invite viewers to form an opinion — consciously or unconsciously — about the company. They create expectations about the company from consumers.


• Brands evolve. Brands grow as a company grows. Their voice changes and matures as a company evolves.


We Support the Development of Your Brand

Our goal at barberhaus is to help you build a brand through visual design that positively conveys your company’s values, speaks your language, and grows as you grow.

To do this, we:


• Develop unique logos and identities that symbolize the strength and spirit of your company.


• Partner with you to help you create or maintain your visual marketing plan.


• Collaborate with your organization to help you speak to your audience and multiply its awareness of your unique offerings.


• Create supportive brand assets through print/packaging design, advertising, web/interactive design, signage/environmental graphics, infographics, motion graphics and videography.


Whether you're a start-up or an established company, we want to help you make a big impact in your industry.  We're your partner in: Branding Made Visual™.

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